We offer a variety of classes throughout the year designed to help equip you to follow Jesus right in the midst of your daily life. Topics range from Marriage to Finances to Bible Study to Prayer...and more! Some classes explore books of the Bible while others address current-event topics. Classes vary in length, and new ones are started as new ideas surface.
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Discovery Classes

In addition to the various topical classes we offer, we also encourage everyone to take each of our three Discovery Classes. We offer these classes on a regular, rotating basis. Dates for these classes will be announced on the website, the bulletin, and other communication channels.

Discovering Membership

Hear the story of Sierra Bible Church and learn what it means to begin following Jesus as an individual and as a member of this church family.

Discovering Spiritual Disciplines

Hear about key spiritual practices that keep us centered on Jesus and learn how regularly engaging in these activities helps us grow and to become more like Him.

Discovering My Design for Service

Hear the exciting news how you have been uniquely formed by God for a specific purpose and learn how you can use your design to serve the church and the world.

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